Dr. Ken Vanderlip has over thirty-five years experience in mental health and personal growth related endeavors including over 25 years of licensure and private practice as a Psychologist, preceded as a Marriage, Family, Child Counselor.
His expertise includes several areas of emphasis:

EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization & Reprocessing) & API (Advanced Information Processing)
· Stress management
· Depression, anxiety and stress related disorders
· Peak performance & Sports Psychology
· Personal growth
· Psychotherapy with individuals and couples
· Chemical dependency, codependency and ACA (adult children of alcoholics)
· Exploration of human potential

Dr. Ken Vanderlip enhances the therapeutic experience by bringing forty years in the field of martial arts as a 5th degree Black Belt and Sensei (coach/teacher), thirty-plus years as a practitioner and teacher of meditation, and devotion to self-awareness techniques, enhanced productivity and stress management pursuits. He has provided therapeutic support, coaching, seminars and trainings to a wide variety of industry clients and individuals. He combines his clinical expertise with the character-building essence of martial arts and studies in eastern methodologies.

Most importantly, Dr. Vanderlip is well known for his common-sense approach infused with compassion, patience and kindness. His deep resonant voice gives clients a sense of calm and comfort and enhances the results from EMDR, meditation and guided imagery.



SUMMARY of Dr. Vanderlip’s Expertise and Skills:

bullet_img Expert in Stress Management, Disaster Recovery, EMDR, Post-Traumatic Stress, Peak Performance and Sports Psychology.
bullet_img Co-author of Personal Excellence – The Magazine of Personal Leadership Article – July, 2009, De-Stress for Success® – Cultivate a Healthy Attitude
bullet_img Psychologist in private practice serving individuals, couples, executives, management and athletes.
bullet_img Approved Consultant, Facilitator and Certified Practitioner of EMDR – for treatment of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and other clinically diagnosed issues.
bullet_img Certified Teacher and 40 year student of Actualism – meditation practice in techniques designed for the Western mind. Synthesis of western and eastern philosophies. Techniques used in private psychology practice.
bullet_img Author and trainer of the DE-STRESS FOR SUCCESS®: The Workbook – a comprehensive program of healthy emotional coping and stress management skills in hardcopy and e-book formats.

Professional Focus
Bringing De-Stress for Success® to others: Dr. Vanderlip is devoted to guiding others to freedom from unhealthy levels of stress that arise from work, home, society, peer pressure, family and personal attitudes.
He believes the only way to reduce stress and acquire the lifestyle that we desire is to first and foremost experience what it is to be unstressed/at peace, and then to learn and practice the tools that empower us to recreate and maintain that experience. Through workshops, seminars, trainings and personal coaching for adults and youth in corporate, organization, school, and family settings, he provides the opportunity for others to achieve this greater satisfaction in all areas of their lives.